Presentation to North Carolina Housing Conference

On October 26th, I presented to the North Carolina Housing Conference.  The presentation—titled ‘Spread Far, Stretched Thin’—mapped affordable housing needs in North Carolina.  The three main points of the presentation are:

  • Living in substandard or unaffordable housing has effects that can last a lifetime.
  • Lack of safe, decent, and affordable housing is a statewide issue in North Carolina.
  • Lack of affordable housing is getting worse for many in the state.

It drew, in part, on CURS’s recent Extreme Housing Conditions in North Carolina report.

The presentation can be found here.  We will profile the research presented at the conference in upcoming blog posts – stay tuned!


The upper maps display the percent of renters in North Carolina paying over 35% of their income as rent — a condition known as ‘rent burdened.’ The lower map displays hot spots of rent-burdened households. Additional maps can be found in the presentation link above.


Me presenting at the 2017 North Carolina Housing Conference. I did not request nor drink all those water bottles.

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